October 27, 2009

You Are The Best

Our mission in earth is to make you happy. But today, you made us happy. And it feels very good. That's why we were unable to pick a winner on the "ELBA ESTHER IS UGLIER THAN..." Joke Contest. We were overwhelmed by your humor. Our Editorial Staff has been in meetings all days and decided that everyone who took part will get a 25,000 points bonus. And also, that you should pick the winner. Why? Because we are tired. Don't want to vote? We don't give a fuck.
Just joking.
So please, vote on the Poll here to your right. And let everyone know how good they are.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous27.10.09

    Please don't mess with Halloween, it's a celebration we all like a lot. You don't want kids to actually be scared, do you?